Cyber Security Operations Center

Monitor your critical assets in real time

Cyber Security Operations Center

Monitor your critical assets in real time

by adidionxlm
EyeGuard lets you monitor your critical assets in real time. EyeGuard also includes management and support of your security devices, at a service level to match your needs.

Going to Work for You

Eyeguard offers you 24/7 visibility of malicious activity across all your internet-facing assets. Expert security analysts investigate anything suspicious; and a task-force is on-hand to respond to security incidents.


Key Benefits of the Service

Subscribing to EyeGuard Services will help you in:

  • Security Policies & Procedures,
  • Extending your security and operation team with our EyeGuard team,
  • Controlling operational cost thanks to our fixed price offer,
  • Recognizing cyber threats and responding in a timely manner according to the Service Level Agreement,
  • 24/7 advanced and proactive monitoring based on defined and dedicated SLAs to protect your critical assets,
  • Challenging your infrastructure with external vulnerability scans and Distributed-Denial-Of-Service tests (DDoS),
  • Continually developing the ability to leverage threat intelligence from past incidents and information-sharing sources,
  • Regularly testing your email and web security policies through our state-of-the-art technology and analysis tools,
  • Advanced monitoring capability, with user simulation to validate your application,
  • Responding to audits with detailed and custom reports,
  • Providing use cases based on your assets, informed by our experience, and updated as we continually adapt to new malware,
  • Incident handling, threat management and remediation assistance, with initial forensic analysis when required.

We are passionate security specialists and pioneers, and with more than 15 years’ experience, we can handle even sophisticated threats and attacks.

Eyeguard leaves you free to use any security products, without being tied to specific vendors. Our highly skilled security analysts hold industry recognized certifications for most popular kinds of SIEM, as well as a wide range of security products such as IBM QRadar.

Get Indicators of Compromise (IoC) pushed onto your SIEM, in near real-time, thanks to our Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) and our CSIRT.

We are constantly developing tools to find vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, and we can help to find weaknesses in your existing email and web filters.

We can deploy our solutions quickly in your environment, with minimal disruption.

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