Intrusion Department - Application Security

We provide a range of services to help you build applications resistant to attacks and able to defend themselves.

Intrusion Department - Application Security

We provide a range of services to help you build applications resistant to attacks and able to defend themselves.

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Excellium works with you, hand in hand, to integrate the security in your Continuous Integration Platform/Software Development Life Cycle, as if we were part of your team!

In this way, you will significantly improve your security posture,with measurable and demonstrable results.

Your challenges

Applications are the security belt of any business – and today they are under attack more than ever. Anyone building software has to react to these kind of threats. In addition, the cloud evolution needs recurrent and appropriate measures.

Excellium’s Intrusion & Application Security team has developed a complete suite of Application Security services to support your concerns regarding the lack of:

  • Application security skills and resources within the organization,
  • Security requirements in business and technical specifications,
  • Integrated tools to review your security into your Application Software Development Life Cycle.
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Our approach

We support you to secure the code from the very beginning. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship to ensure you get the most gains out of your SDLC.

Whatever your project management model, our consultants adapt their working methods to yours, using an agile or waterfall model for new and current projects.

Application Security requires skills in both worlds: Development & Security, with a mindset combining attack and defense scenarios.

Excellium has gathered a team of experienced developers to create the Application Security team. These development security experts ensure that your developers are following secure development techniques. They continuously learns new attack vectors to identify and create the best defensive measures.

In addition, your staff will be trainedthrough various security modules (discover the program on www. product/secure-development/).

Application Security Benefits

We create trust in your business by:

  • improving the security of applications
  • allowing you to create secure software.

The services provided by our Application Security team will help you to increase the level of trust you and your clients have in the software developed by or acquired for your company.

We can help you to decrease your attacksurface, with direct effects to reduce the riskof damage and economic losses for your business and reputation due to one of your applications being compromised.

On top of this, as your security level matures, you will be able to measure and demonstrate it. Showing your maturity level will give you a clear advantage in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive market.

Services provided

Excellium will provide you several elements allowing you to enhance your application security posture via the integration of security into your Software Development Life Cycle.

  • Integration of the security checks in your continuous integration platform,
  • Web and Mobile application vulnerability assessments in order to identify the weaknesses,
  • Vulnerabilities’ correction, hands- on technical support as advice or code (code snippets, libraries and tools),
  • SLDC audit reports with a detailed and pragmatic improvement roadmap, making it easy to process,
  • Integration of protection components within your Continuous Integration Platform and your SLDC, Multi-Factor Authentication, etc,
  • Security standards coverage (OWASP Top 10, OWASP ApplicationSecurity Verification Standard (ASVS),OWASP Testing Guide and OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide).

The Application Security team collaborates closely with the Excellium’s penetration testers in order to increase their attack and defense knowledge. In addition, our team participates activelyin the development of the AppSec field inthe following ways:

  • Giving talks at events such as VOXXED Luxemburg or YAJUG.
  • Contributing to AppSec projects with cheat sheets, code snippets, libraries, tutorials and tools.
  • Contributing to several Open Source projects, like for example the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Our engineers rely on the most mature and relevant technologies to help them in this challenging mission.

They have their own Secure Software Development Life Cycle with a Continuous Integration Platform developed with a security mindset, including static and dynamic code source analysis but also security checks in dependencies.

Consequently, they are able to help you including the security in your own SDLC. Because some of the security controls can be expensive, they also provide Static Application Security Testing (SAST) as a service.