We help our customers to take the right decisions

The leading provider of Security solutions.

We help our customers to take the right decisions

The leading provider of Security solutions.

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Thanks to EyeGuard cyber SOC services, organisations have complete visibility on their Internet facing assets regarding malicious activity on a 24/7 basis. Through this service, you will gain access to expert security analysts and a task force in case of a security incident.


The ISG department’s goal is to support clients through a risk-based approach tailored to their context. The core activities of this service offer consist of identification and evaluation of risks through identification criteria specific and inherent to the client’s organization, taking into account threats and their potential impact for the client’s business, resulting in a tailor-made action plan providing the right focus and balance.

intrusion test

The intrusion department is specialized in security assessments and penetration tests. The goal of the missions is to attack the targeted infrastructure and provide a valuable report explaining how to remove the vulnerabilities, enhance the detectability and make the exploitation attempts harder.


Organizations need to evolve rapidly as the threat landscape changes. Our experts from the Network & Security Infrastructure department select best of breed technologies to limit your exposure and protect your most valuable assets. Solutions are implemented on premise or through our private cloud platform (Security as a Service).


With the expertise of CERT-XLM you may react in realtime to security incidents. Networking and data intelligence of CERT-XLM also help you to improve drastically your threat survey.


Excellium University is there to help you, we offer a range of IT security trainings for security professionals, developers, IT professionals, users and the public. Our first goal is to raise the security level to limit the damages and reduce risks; expert trainers are motivated to pass on their experience and know-how to succeed in this challenge with you


At Excellium, we work with organisations across all industries to help navigate privacy and data protection legislation and providing customized solutions that are business enablers.  Our team of certified subject matter experts have a broad understanding of privacy and data protection risks and areas of operational improvement from legal compliance, technology and data governance perspective.

Application security

The services provided by the Application Security team, will help you to increase the level of trust you and your client have in the security and maturity of the software developed by your company. Excellium will help you build security in to your Software Development Life Cycle. The result will be an improved security posture, with measurable, demonstrable results.


Discover our new ranges of services and tools operated by our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT): EyeDeep, Eyenotify and EyeTLD