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SPF, DKIM & DMARC, the three pillars of email security

The ending of the almost eponym 1946 movie finds Frank musing about his own incoming death. You see, he and his beloved Cora escaped justice once after having killed her husband, Nick. But here he is, condemned for murdering Cora, even though her death was accidental. And in his mind, it feels pretty much as if Justice was served in the same way as the postman delivers letters, who rings once, and if nobody answers, rings again for important missives.

Arguably, a lot of drama could have been avoided if Frank had just absconded with Cora straight from the beginning. And instead of a goodbye note left in a cash register for Nick, Cora would have posted a letter from far away. But that would probably not have made an interesting story, apart maybe, the said delivery of the letter by a postman.

That will be the focus of today’s post. Except instead of an envelope, stamps and paper, we will bring it to our digital era and look at how emails travel and what measures can be taken to ensure they are legitimate.

Or even better, what measure can be taken to prevent unauthorized people to send an email seemingly coming from our domains.

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