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Dnssecuritytxt: new security best practice or impractical good idea

If you are casually browsing for ways to improve your cyber security posture, you might not have come across dnssecuritytxt, and it’s understandable because it’s not very famous. But we took a look at it and wanted to share our opinion with you.

Security.txt and dnssecuritytxt

A few years ago, a concept called security.txt became popular in the online community after giants such as Google, Facebook or Dropbox started implementing it. This concept was nothing more than a .txt file that was placed in the /.well-known/ directory of a website. Its contents? Information about who to contact in case a bug is found, what the security policy of the company is, how to encrypt the proof of vulnerabilities before sending them over, and even a job page for those who might be interested. You can read this great article which goes more into the details of security.txt or you can visit our implementation of it to see what it looks like from the URL below:

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