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Password hashing: Be careful about what you hash!

Context of the hashing issue

During a web assessment, Excellium’s Intrusion & AppSec team audited a PHP application where users passwords were stored using the bcrypt hashing algorithm. As bcrypt 1 still a valid and recommended algorithm to hash passwordscompromising passwords 2  should not be an easy task. However, sometimesthe devil is in the details. 


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2020: Through back to the epic year of the webinar

2020 has been challenging for lots of companies trying to keep afloat despite all the sanitary restrictions. Being present and maintaining customers relationships was not an easy game yet we did it. Through webinars, virtual events, magazine interviews, and so much more at Excellium we made sure to be present and to maintain our yearly activities no matter how much we had to adapt.

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Maxive Cybersecurity, one of the largest MSSPs pure players!

The new holding company will aggregate S21sec (Spain, Portugal, Mexico) and Excellium (Luxembourg, Belgium) under one same holding company, Maxive Cybersecurity.

Certainly,Maxive Cybersecurity is one of the largest MSSPs pure players both in terms of business and specialized personnel. It will offer its customers a wider set of services combining best practices and capabilities from both S21sec and Excellium.

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Excellium and Reblaze Team Up to Improve Cloud Cybersecurity for Customers

The growing cloud adoption to deliver services exposes companies to ever bigger risks: large-scale data leaks, denial of service, cyber-attack and performance issue due to bots are forcing organizations to seek greater efficiency in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is now a key issue for companies. Managing the cyber security risks of organization, and even more, remains a significant challenge.

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