Excellium Services

Application Security Consultant H/F

Excellium Services

Application Security Consultant H/F

by adidionxlm


You want to join Excellium because…

You are curious, motivated, and passionate !

Integrated within dynamic and passionate teams, you will have the opportunity to fully invest yourself, innovate and create from the latest technologies. You will quickly find your place at Excellium. In order to understand our business, the challenges of our customers and to accompany them we regularly organize meetings, workshops, and training. We will thus help you to develop your skills and position you on stimulating projects, adapted to your profile and enabling you to surpass yourself.

Your team :

The Application Security team of Excellium is looking for a Senior Developer that is motivated to discover and switch to the Application Security field. Here are some aspects you can expect in you environment and with your team :

  • Environment focusing on technical expertise and knowledge sharing.
  • Access to a company where you can be “Yourself” and freely think “Out of the box”.
  • Access to a company in which dress code and the appearance is not the focus.
  • Access to a company that used adapted working material (laptop, labs…).

Your mission:

Your are going to face challenging missions in which you will use and develop your attacker and defender mindsets.Through these missions you are going to have :

  • Access to high-level security training and certification (SANS/Offensive Security).
  • Opportunity to jump into the Application Security field.
  • Access to multiple security/development conferences (as speaker or visitor).


You are a developer working on application implementation project since several years from a professional or personal point of views.
You have:

  • Interest for the Application Security field.
  • Been involved in security related tasks from one of these contexts:
  • Design of features allowing them to be secure by default.

Technical skills:

  • After a period of close coaching by the AppSec team on Application Security field that will leverage the candidate development background, he must be able to:
  • Understand and spot security weaknesses in a software architecture;
  • Understand and spot security weaknesses in a software code base;
  • Understand and create/enhance continuous integration process and platform about security validation;
  • Understand the Software Development Life Cycle of an application and the organizational approach of the application security into an SDLC;
  • Conduct a security configuration review on an application server or a web server.
  • If time is provided to learn the target technology and the target attacks, the candidate must be able to:
  • Create defensive measures in any technologies;
  • Develop/update custom attack tools/scripts/softwares;
  • Motivated to learn how to perform intrusion tests on web and mobile (Android / iOS) target of evaluation;
  • Motivated to learn web or mobile attack patterns and technics;

Human skills:

  • Able to share technical knowledge;
  • Able the explain technical aspects to a client or a non-technical people;
  • Able to work and integrate in a team;
  • Strictness in assessment mission and associated report realization;
  • Strictness in respect of the mission planning and timeframe;
  • High modesty;
  • Technical curiosity form an attacker and defender point of views about new technologies and attack vector;
  • Able to speak, write and read in French and English.

Organizational skills:

  • Able to manage and keep his agenda up to date according to mission booking request provided by the team leader;
  • Able to work in autonomy on a topic after a period of training and coaching on this topic.

Misc. skills:

  • Contribute to Open Source projects;
  • Enthusiast by the Application Security area;
  • Perform close technical survey and share interesting information/link/tool discovered with the team and/or the Open Source community.

That’s a plus if :

  • You are familiar with the OWASP, its OWASP Top-10 ranking, and its guides (ASVS, Testing Guide, cheat sheets…)
  • You have certifications in the field of security and more precisely that of application security (ex. GIAC Web Application Defenders certification, …)

You are a big enthusiast of IT security, you are curious and on the lookout for the latest news, security holes and technological advances , then apply !!


Contract : CDI – full time

Location : 5 rue Goell L-5326 Contern, Luxembourg

Publication date : 04/06/20

« Vos données personnelles seront conservées pour une période qui ne saurait excéder 3 mois. Si vous donnez votre accord, vos données personnelles seront conservées jusqu’à 12 mois pour de potentielles offres d’emplois ultérieures. »


Joining Excellium means having the opportunity to invest fully, to innovate, to create from the latest technologies.

Excellium benefits from a good dynamic, with accessible managing partners and invested teams.
It means joining a family of nearly 100 passionate direct employees.

It is also the possibility to have several experiences in:
– Cybersecurity,
– Hybrid Cloud,
– Managed Security Services,
– Application Security.

We will help you develop your skills.
Then don’t wait any longer and apply!!