How to protect industrial assets with control access ?

by Excellium SA

How to protect industrial assets with control access ?

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

As industrial IoT expands, equipment and systems are increasingly connected and must be protected from new digital threats. Without proper security, organizations can be infiltrated by hackers and terrorists, or simply left exposed by negligence.

Securing IT systems in industrial organizations is critical, and becoming more important daily as the digital transformation increasingly connects systems and equipment.


Internal exploitation

WALLIX Bastion helps you coordinate IT departments with traditional ICS (Industrial Control System) teams’ activities thanks to features that enable you to manage, monitor, trace, and secure privileged users.

    • Challenges
  • Traceability of maintenance and exploitation activity
  • Secure access to critical components
  • Traceability and accountability of privileged Industrial Control


    • Solutions

WALLIX Bastion to centralize, control and trace identity and access on engineering stations, SCADA, IHMs, etc…


    • Benefits
  • Accountability of maintainers and traceability of activity
  • Removal of shared accounts: the operator no longer knows the target’s authentication information
  • Securing access from IT

Schema WALLIX Bastion
















External Maintenance

Control access by remote maintenance workers and maintain operational efficiency and comprehensive IT-OT security. Maintainers of industrial systems need mobility and fast access to the equipment they supervise while controlling access authentication.

WALLIX provides a secure external user connection to facilitate software upgrades, periodic maintenance, or any support activity within OT networks.

The WALLIX Bastion offers robust access management for Windows-based controller stations, SSH-based systems, and third-party applications.


    • Challenges
  • Remove and centralize remote access tools
  • Ensure completely secure access to critical resources from outside the enterprise


    • Solutions
  • WALLIX Bastion with the WALLIX Access Manager web portal dedicated to external access
  • Security can be enhanced with native MFA and approbation workflows
  • Multi-tenant portal


    • Benefits
  • Secure end-to-end access via a web portal
  • Mobile access (tablet/smartphone)
  • Easy to use for any type of population

Schema - external maintenance














Below is the access workflow and associated diagram of external users (using their own workstation) to the enterprise internal engineering station:

    • Connection via browser is established
    • The user is authenticated (multi-factor can be enforced)
    • The target system (engineering station) is selected via GUI
    • The approval workflow is started
    • A secure primary connection to the bastion is established
    • Secure secondary connection to engineering station with TIA portal is established (agentless)
    • PLC is selected and the connection is established natively via OT protocol (Porfinet is this example), user is logged in (SSO) and applicable rule sets are established

access worfklow and associated diagram of an external users




















External maintenance through the use of OT tunnelling

Unique to WALLIX, Universal Tunneling allows you to benefit from the power and simplicity of WALLIX Bastion all while simplifying user experience.

Connect directly to PLCs without going through a bounce server; we encapsulate industrial protocols (Modbus, Profinet, BacNet, EtherCAT, etc.) in an SSH tunnel to ensure the control and traceability of each session. No more costly bounce servers, you access your resources directly from your usual work environment.

    • Challenge
  • Promote the adoption of the PAM solution for an OT audience
  • Avoid having to connect to an intermediate machine (jump host) hosting the PLC maintenance application


    • Solutions
  • WALLIX Universal Tunneling to support industrial protocols through the Bastion


    • Benefits
  • Reduced TCO: no need for Jump Servers
  • Traceability of connections.
  • Enforced forensic with the availability of Session PCAPs
  • The operator works as easily as without a Bastion

OT Tunneling

















Below is the access of an external user (remote workstation) to OT component:

    • connection via browser is established
    • User is authenticated
    • The target system (PLC) is selected via GUI
    • The approval workflow is started
    • A secure tunnel (universal tunnelling) via bastion to PLC is established
    • TIA Portal is executed via Engineering Workstation
    • PLC is selected and the connection is established via the existing tunnel, the user is logged in (SSO) and an applicable set of rules is established

the access of an external user to OT component




















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Author: Pierre Ruaro