24X7 Detection & Response with Excellium Services Belgium

by Excellium SA

24X7 Detection & Response with Excellium Services Belgium

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

In a world where technology prevails and exchanges and data storages are fully digitalized, cybersecurity is a key element in an organization’s resiliency.

Resiliency is the ability of organizations, relying more and more on computing tools, to “survive” in case of IT tools’ failures. Considering the current cyber threats, this aspect has never been so important and preoccupying for Security & IT Experts. In fact, Belgium registered a rise of 30% in cybercrimes between 2018 and 2O19 (source: ccb.belgium.be). Choosing the right cybersecurity partner is now a major challenge.

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From service provider to partner

In 2018, based on the Belgian market demand, Excellium Services considered the deployment of its capacities on the Belgian market throughout its sister company, Excellium Services Belgium. An entity on its own, Excellium Services Belgium counts a dozen of cyber soldiers on board. Not to mention its Luxembourg capacities. The know-how developed responds to a real demand claimed by numerous Belgian actors such as financial groups, operators, and so many more notably with its Security Operation Center (SOC) offer or its incident response capacities.

Their complementarity, their strengths

The existing DNA between those 2 sisters is undeniable and allows strong synergies. The parent company, in Luxembourg, mainly operates for insurance and financial actors as well as for operators of vital importance for which, in 2012, the need for expertise and local resources led Xavier and Christophe, the two Co-Managing Partners coming from Ubizen (a cyber spin-off from The Catholic University of Leuven) to deploy their company.

In Belgium, the market is wider in terms of sectors, which explains the reason why the Belgian entity, inspired by its elder sister’s experience, addresses complementary sectors such as the healthcare, industrial, services, and media sectors. A global strategy with local capacities.

Excellium Services Belgium’ own services and values

Flexibility, accessibility, proximity, innovation, and pragmatism are the watchwords of the Belgian company. Thanks to its approach, the Belgian team succeeded in positioning Excellium Services as a leader when it comes to cyber crisis management, Service Operations Center, or Incident Response.

What about the services offered? Between resiliency, incident response, and crisis management, the Belgian team has its own services and helps its customers reinforce their cybersecurity position. In other words, the elaboration of a cybersecurity strategy, an assessment service allowing to test available security systems, the implementation of security components, a 24×7 monitoring system, and finally, a service dedicated to incident responses.

A 24×7 monitoring system accessible for everyone

The objective is clear, Excellium Services Belgium wishes to be part of the cybersecurity market references. To do so, the company targeted ambitious objectives and mobilized the appropriate means including the growth of its team.

Excellium Belgium positions itself as a CSOC Solution as a Service Vendor with a service enabling SMEs to finally benefit from a real view on their cybersecurity incidents and the capacity to answer it with its solutions  XLM360 Foundation, based on IBM QRadar.