XLM360 for O365 & Azure

Access the potential of the cloud to enhance global security

by Excellium SA

XLM360 for O365 & Azure

Access the potential of the cloud to enhance global security

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

With its Excellium360 for Office 365 & Azure offering, the BELUX cybersecurity specialist provides its customers with access to advanced security features, such as Microsoft’s SIEM “Sentinel” solution. Integrated with Excellium’s Security Operations Center, it enables the cybersecurity of IT environments deployed both on-premises and in the cloud to be reinforced.

Access the potential of the cloud to enhance global security

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With the launch of “Excellium 360 for O365 and Azure”, Excellium Services intends to support organizations in their migration project towards the use of cloud solutions, by extending their security perimeter to shared platforms.

Indeed, in the cloud, the need to maintain and enhance a security incident detection capability remains.

The challenge is to guarantee a level of security that meets the organisation’s needs and to ensure that the measures taken are consistent between the on-premises environment and the solutions deployed in the cloud. “A well-secured cloud environment requires expertise in this area. There are many possibilities offered by platforms to secure elements deployed in the cloud as well as on-premises. The challenge is to make good use of them and to configure the available functions properly,” explains David Dutertre, Solutions Offering & Portfolio Manager at Excellium Services.

Cloud security, with advanced tools

By moving closer to Microsoft and the cloud solutions offered by the American giant, Excellium Services gives its customers access to many new solutions in the field of IT security. The cloud opens the door to advanced tools for orchestrating and automating security and incident detection. These tools further improve the response to problems. Our offer allows the experts in our Security Operations Center, which currently monitors the security of more than thirty major customers 24/7, to access tools such as Microsoft’s SIEM Sentinel to better cover the risks incurred,” continues David Dutertre. The solution provides increased visibility into what is happening in the customer’s cloud environment, whether the elements are deployed in the cloud or at the infrastructure level.

Continuous improvement of security management

Azure Sentinel offers intelligent security analytics and enables advanced orchestration of security operations, based in particular on artificial intelligence. The advantage of such a tool is that it is directly accessible from the cloud, ready to be used, at a competitive price,” says David Dutertre. The other advantage lies in the fact that the customer can benefit from the latest information at all times. The SIEM is constantly enriched, integrating increasingly powerful detection technologies.

Continuous improvement of security

It is therefore easy to see how access to these cloud technologies can go a long way to ensuring the security of the IT environment, whether in the cloud or outside. “Our role is to enable our clients to take advantage of these new capabilities, by helping them to configure the solution or by determining the most useful data for optimal analysis and management of security through it,” continues the expert. Excellium Services’ employees, specially trained in the Microsoft tools now available in the cloud, will be able to provide customers with the best possible support, taking into account their context, risks and constraints in terms of regulatory compliance, for example. “With the visibility provided by the Sentinel solution, our teams can optimize our clients’ security management from our SOC and support them in the continuous improvement of their overall security.

Beyond that, the tools and information accessible from the cloud facilitate the digital transformation of organizations, and in particular the migration from a hybrid environment to native cloud solutions, by offering all the guarantees of protection, detection and response to incidents.

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