Microsoft & Excellium Services for a secured cloud migration

by Excellium SA

Microsoft & Excellium Services for a secured cloud migration

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

Agility, flexibility, COVID, … Organizations are adopting the cloud! This is the observation made by Excellium Services during its security interventions (incident response, security assessment, security configuration, …). From cost allocation to the “Pay as you use” payment solution allowing more financial flexibility, to the management of the delegated service, including the centralization of logs favouring permanent access by the customer to the latest information, Microsoft is drawing attention with its new Azure Sentinel security offer.

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Security still applies

Although the public cloud offers many advantages, security and compliance aspects are too often overlooked. However, in the cloud, given the exposure of infrastructure and the continuous evolution of features and capabilities, adopting and maintaining a security incident detection capability is even more critical. Indeed, with increased accessibility comes increased exposure.

XLM360 For O365 & Azure to secure your cloud migration

Along these lines, XLM360 For O365 & Azure, by Excellium Services, was created. A pragmatic solution to support companies in their cloud transition while maintaining and strengthening their security posture.

“We have to admit that we can only secure what we know.” Christophe Bianco – Managing Partner of Excellium.

Through this solution, companies will be able to increase their visibility on what is happening in their cloud environment, consequently allowing them to cover the risks incurred in an optimal way. Indeed, the cloud opens the doors to advanced tools for orchestration and automation of security and incident detection, but they must be used.

XLM360 For O365 & Azure is the right solution!

XLM360 For 0365 & Azure is available in three different versions depending on the context and profile of the customer. This new solution is therefore intended for:

  • Organizations with Microsoft cloud solutions and wishing to ensure the compliance of their tenant configuration with their security and compliance policy.
  • Organizations whose environment is managed by Excellium’s Security Operation Center and who wish to extend the scope to Microsoft Cloud solutions.
  • Organizations wishing to receive global support for the cloud adoption and the migration of their environments to Azure.

What’s next?

With this new service offering, Excellium Services accompanies its customers through the Microsoft environment and positions itself as a major partner to support organizations in their cloud transition.

To learn more, do not miss the Excellium Services event this September 23rd in Wolluwé Saint-Lambert, Brussels. Our experts will share with you more details about how to secure your journey to the Microsoft cloud.

You can also meet us on October 7th at our annual event, Les Rencontres de la sécurité.

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