XLM360 for O365 & Azure

Managed Detection and Response Services for Microsoft Cloud

by Excellium SA

XLM360 for O365 & Azure

Managed Detection and Response Services for Microsoft Cloud

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

In order to assist organizations in their migration while guaranteeing an adequate and homogeneous level of security on their own infrastructures and in the cloud, Excellium Services is launching a new service in partnership with Microsoft.

Migrating to the cloud by extending the security perimeter

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In recent months, many organizations have migrated to the cloud. For example, they have adopted collaboration tools such as Office365, Teams. Others have brought their tools and data together in the public cloud, in an Azure environment, for example, to make them more easily accessible to all their employees. These changes, accelerated by the crisis, have not always been approached in the best possible way given the urgency of maintaining operations,” comments Christophe Bianco, co-founder and managing partner of Excellium Services. Security issues were not always taken into consideration, at least not as they would have been under normal circumstances. In this context, our aim is to support the client in this transition, by ensuring that the resilience of their organization is strengthened and that their IT perimeter is secured when extended to the cloud. »

Security in the cloud environment: a complex issue

With this in mind, Excellium Services is launching Excellium 360 for Office365 and Azure. The challenge is to guarantee each organization an optimal security for its environments, whether its applications are deployed on its own infrastructure or in the cloud. “The platforms provide many security features, but most organizations are not familiar with them. Their configuration can be complex and often requires skills that organizations do not necessarily have,” continues Christophe Bianco. With this in mind, we wanted to establish a partnership with the major cloud providers, firstly with Microsoft, around Office365 and the Azure platform, in order to support customers in managing their security through the use of their solutions. »

Analyse, monitor, migrate

Relying on dedicated skills, Excellium Services has developed its offer in 3 modules, to respond to various situations.

The first is aimed at companies that have deployed Microsoft cloud solutions and want to ensure that the configuration corresponds to their security and risk management policy. “We carry out an inventory to ensure that the platform is properly configured or to assure the customer that, in the event of an incident, he will have all the logs needed to conduct an investigation,” comments Christophe Bianco. Once the analysis is complete, Excellium Services will be able to make ad-hoc recommendations.

The second module is aimed at organizations whose environment is monitored at the level of Excellium’s Security Operations Center and allows the scope to be extended to Microsoft’s solutions in the cloud. “By relying on the possibilities and functionalities offered by the platforms, we are then able to extend our analysis capacity, to carry out more detailed monitoring of the customer’s entire environment, both in terms of infrastructures that are in the cloud and those that are not,” explains Christophe Bianco.

The third module consists of global support for the switchover of IT flows to Azure, in order to have a native cloud environment. In this respect, it is a question of considering the new possibilities offered by the cloud, in order to guarantee real consistency in the application of security rules in the various environments.

Mastering security in the cloud

The most secure elements are always those that are best mastered,” comments the co-founder of Excellium Services. Considering the possibilities offered by cloud platforms, a migration implies an upgrade of skills, to ensure that one has a level of security that meets the requirements on the entire IT perimeter. »

By working directly with Microsoft to develop a unit dedicated to these issues, Excellium Services is now better positioned than ever to support organizations in their transition.

Excellium Team

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