2020: Through back to the epic year of the webinar

by Excellium SA

2020: Through back to the epic year of the webinar

by Excellium SA

by Excellium SA

2020 has been challenging for lots of companies trying to keep afloat despite all the sanitary restrictions. Being present and maintaining customers relationships was not an easy game yet we did it. Through webinars, virtual events, magazine interviews, and so much more at Excellium we made sure to be present and to maintain our yearly activities no matter how much we had to adapt.

2020 retrospective:

#1: Matinée expertise with Palo Alto – “How to bring visibility, control, and protection to your applications built on Software-Defined Networks/Software-Defined Data Centre platforms? ».

During this webinar, we addressed the challenge for infrastructure to keep up with the pace of change imposed on the networks and security, while maintaining Capacity/Resiliency/Agility Sofware. Our experts

shared their know-how and feedback based on our experience.


#2: ” Incident Responses & Digital Investigation Conference”.

Part of the FIC 2020 – International cybersecurity forum, a conference taking place in France was dedicated to Incident Response techniques and digital investigations. Throughout this day, experts, legal specialists, academic or industrial seekers, etc could exchange over the latest techniques. The ambition of this conference was to gather this community around technical or legal quality presentations selected by our committee program.


#3: ” Creating Value with Data” Andy A Luxembourg magazine – Interview.

In this interview, Christophe Bianco, our Managing Partner, took the floor and explain how Excellium Services accompanies his customers in the cybersecurity evolution.


#4: “Against cybercrime, we need knowledge sharing between actors” – Video.

In this video, find Christophe sharing his experience on what was going on in Africa, in terms of cybersecurity, about financial problems. Furthermore, he also mentioned the importance of knowledge sharing as well as partnership.


#5:  “Why a Security Operations Centre is a key security element for companies?” – Breakfast session.

Excellium Services and Suricate Solutions organized a breakfast session dedicated to microfinance and banking actors. The objective of this session was to present the SOC and its services in place at Suricate Solutions’.


#6: ” BusinessWeek Convention”.

During this convention housed in Namur, Excellium stood up with its cybersecurity incidents presentation “Why not being ready is not an option”.


#7: “Cybersecurity friends – stop the anxiety” – Article.

In this article, we expressed ourselves about the anxious climate taking place in the cybersecurity sector. Homeworking has been mandatory for most of the employees. Consequently, they were exposed to diverse fraudulent activities. However, these elements do not justify such anxiety.


#8:  “COVID19 – Cybersecurity for directors”- ILA Coffee Chat 02.

“What about cybersecurity in the context of the COVID from a Director perspective?” During this virtual conference, Christophe and some others addressed the covid situation as well as its consequences, of the moment, in terms of the cybersecurity. Moreover, they provided some tips such as the right attitudes to adopt.


#9: ” Hack the 2020 crisis” – Webinar

Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon organized by Docler Holding Luxembourg in collaboration with FARVEST GroupHouse of Startups Luxembourg and Junction Ltd
Our partners joined the tribe of the mentors, to give his expertise and help the participants.


#10: “Cybersecurity Covid19 – A New Cyber Landscape” – Workshop

During the course of this exclusive workshop “Thought Crisis Leadership: Cybersecurity Covid19 – A New Cyber Landscape” Christophe spoke with Pascal Steichen (CEO of SECURITYMADEIN.LU).

They covered the state of Cyber Threat during COVID19, the best practices in cybersecurity in a post COVID9 world, and the cybersecurity post COVID19.


#11: ” Cybersecurity for the Board” ILA training

How could Cybersecurity impact your company’s performance? Are you in control of Cybersecurity risks? How well prepared is your company for a Cybersecurity crisis?” Excellium animated this training in collaboration with the Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs (ILA) 


#12: “Another threat actor day” – Conference

In this TLP: AMBER online talk it was our expert Paul Jung, our incident response team manager, who took the floor to share with us an incident response he had to face with his team in the medical sector.


#13: ” Cyber Security Week Luxembourg” – Webinar

Excellium took part in the cybersecurity Week Luxembourg, which is an advocacy-campaign week aiming at raising awareness of cybersecurity threats, promoting cybersecurity through education and sharing best practices.


#14: ” Cyber incident management, a major resiliency issue for organizations.” – Webinar

Why cybercrime becomes a major issue hosting our daily life and what are the possible answers? Christophe joined the online conference providing his point of view.


#15: ” Cyberattacks -Legal aspects & interactions between the lawyer and the stakeholders” – Webinar

In the course of the cybersecurity week Luxembourg, wee also took part in the E-conference of Arendt & Medernach to address the legal aspect and interaction between the lawyer and the various stakeholders. 


#16: “How to protect ourselves before a cyberattack? – Workshop

In this workshop, in the event of the Cybersecurity & Luxembourg Data Protection Days, Christophe talked about the prevention and identification of risks alongside Guillaume Del Pizzo (Client Executive at  Marsh & McLennan Companies).


#17: “What to keep in mind from the Cybersecurity week Luxembourg” – Webinar

Through this e-conference, organized by the member of APSI (Association des Professionnels de la Société de l’Information), Christophe supported by Pascal Steichen, and Jean Diederich provided general feedback on the cybersecurity week Luxembourg.

#18:” « Breakfast Session #Excellium360 »

This breakfast session aimed at discussing data leak detection and response services by presenting our Excellium360 CyberSOC services.


#19: ” ILA” – Virtual exhibition

Excellium supported #ILADirectors’Day2020.  ILA implement a virtual exhibition area, live-streamed sessions and good networking opportunities! Our team answered your questions for an entire afternoon.


#20: ” Securing Online Payments” – Webinar

Christophe took part in this e-conference organized by Kyte Consultants Ltd with his presentation “How Security Operation Centers services can support your PCI approach”


#21: “Cyber-incident – What about your resiliency capacity? » – Webinar

Over this webinar, we explained how Excellium Services tries to bring new pragmatic approaches to the market to face the cyber threats landscape of the moment.


#22: ” Sheo-Tech Days” – Webinar

Sheo-Tech Days is an annual event aiming at raising awareness about cybersecurity and data protection. Christophe had the chance to hold a presentation about “Dirigeant and cybersecurity – How to address the topic?”


In a nutshell, we can say that 2020 was rich in virtual events. Don’t hesitate to have a look at the available replays or articles for more information.